Financial Coaching


Life Tools Financial Coaching:
Unlike Financial Advisers, we do not sell investments, insurance or other financial products. Our Financial Coaches coach on a flat fee basis, or part of a monthly subscription to the The Fiscal Fitness Program, and can easily show you how our service will more than pay for itself over a short period of time. Many times our clients tell us they save more than their initial investment over the first two - three months. If you apply the principals we teach we assure you coaching will more than pay for itself within six months. Effectively, our coaching becomes free.
Financial Coaching is about teaching and action. Our job is not complete until you fully understand your situation and take action in the direction in which you need to work in order to meet your goals.
Immediate Benefits of Financial Coaching
·        Get out of debt (everything but your home) in just 24 months or less - without buying insurance, investments or computer software!
·        Develop a plan for your income each month (most people don't have a plan for their most powerful wealth-building tool).
·        Our team will help you determine your insurance needs: home owners, auto, life, disability, health, etc.
·        Having problems making your mortgage payment or you want to purchase a home? We will assess your situation and develop a plan with you based on your specific needs.
·        Will you be able to retire comfortably? You will receive retirement projections based on your goals for the future, developed with our help.
·        Are you making the right decisions now in order to live the life you want?
"I believe no matter how successful we are, we all need a coach to encourage us, to challenge us, to remind us to live up to our potential."    --Ken Blanchard