About us

The Life Tools Inc. Story:

Life Tools Inc. was started in 2004 by President and founder Brad Dale.  Life Tools Coaching was born out of Brad's personal journey and transformation.  Through this journey he developed a passion for acquiring the knowledge and tools necessary to build a life that will leave a legacy.  Now the driving force in his life is to fulfull his purpose, life strategy & legacy.  A life focused on making a significant difference in the lives of other people, by sharing his journey and help coach them to discover & build their own unique legacy.


Coaching programs to help each person develop their own custom legacy 

Snap Coaching-- short term guidance through a transition in life or event i.e., job loss or retirement, financial challenge, relationship management.
Sprint Coaching-- A six month intensive to create your own unique life strategy allowing you to get the most out of  your life's adventure.
Legacy Builder Coaching-- A one year commitment to life transformation that will leave a legacy.
Fiscal Fitness Program --3 Steps to become Debt Free and Financially Independent.